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Enable the AllWemo Https internal server,

then connect to the computer running Allwemo with any of these commands.

http urls to control your Wemo devices:

where Acc can be On , Off or Toggle
Dev is the device ip address

you can use Devn to send devicename instead of ip

ex: http://localhost:8099/?Manda=1&Devn=GarageLight&Acc=Off


if you enable the option in settings, you can also send the parameters: usr and pwd


To retrieve the device status  you can send:

Setting Sta to the device ip you want to check

Which returns on, or off

To retrieve the device image you use:


Setting img to the device ip you want to get the icon

You can also add devices from other brands as long as they support IFTTT and control them with webhooks

If you have an EnvisaLink 4 card you can algo use the module AllWemoEnvisa


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